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A simplified and customized approach

Retrospective Collections

Although thousands of biospecimen sources exist around the world, getting access to the right samples for your research can be like searching for the needle in the haystack.

Through our network of partnered academic biobanks, hospitals, and clinical sites, at Trans-Hit Bio we provide you with access to any type of biospecimen in any disease indication, including biofluids, fresh or frozen tissue, FFPE, CSF, etc.

At Trans-Hit Bio we simplify the process of finding the right retrospective biospecimens for you.


Customized Prospective Collections

For studies requiring prospective or tailored sample collection, we set up and manage prospective studies at selected clinical sites that have proven superior recruitment capabilities and comply with best-practice standards.

For example, your research design might include longitudinal studies or unique sampling procedures, or perhaps even require matched biospecimens, such as tissue and serum from the same subjects.

At Trans-Hit Bio we help to make potentially complex prospective sample collection a simple and reliable process.


Customized services

Customization of Tissue Microarrays

We offer a range of services for customized TMA’s:

Procurement of TMAs
If you do not have your own blocks to build the TMA, we can source the tissues through our partnered network of academic biobanks, according to your specifications:

  • Disease
  • Inclusion and exclusion criteria
  • Pathologist QC
  • Pathology data
  • Patient associated data
  • Pathologist QC


Preparation of TMAs
Whether or not you already have the FFPE blocks you need to build the TMA or are still looking to procure some, Trans-hit bio can:

  • Manage the shipping of your blocks to the TMA laboratory
  • Built the TMA according to your specifications
  • Manage the shipment of remaining tissue back to your laboratory



Fully Annotated Lung Cancer Tissue Microarrays

Trans-Hit Bio partners with a leader in lung cancer research. We can provide access to samples from 500 NSCLC patients in stages I through IV providing samples with 3 years of clinical and outcome data. IHC biomarker panel data (primary metastatic tissue) is also available.

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