How we do it

Our team of experts facilitates the whole process of accessing biospecimens

Key nº1 

A team of scientific experts 

Our team of PhD-qualified project leaders has expertise in biobanking, biospecimen assays, and biomarker development. Scientists interacting with scientists, which fosters insightful discussions and time savings while defining project specifications.

Our multilingual team of scientists will facilitate the process of accessing biospecimens in various fields including oncology, infectious diseases, CNS diseases among others.

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Key Nº2 

A proven search strategy 

Step 1

We carefully assess your needs to meet your specific requirements for biospecimen collections and associated medical data

Step 2

We locate the right provider and proceed with a timely and efficient feasibility study

Step 3a

We discuss Biobank Options with the End-User

Step 3b

A Teleconference between the End-User and the Biobank may be organized to discuss any scientific or technical details

Step 4

We ensure Samples and Associated Data arrive at the End-User's lab in due time

Key Nº3 

A global network of providers 

Our worldwide network of partnerships with academic, hospital and clinical sources specialized in various medical fields supported by a proprietary database can successfully take on challenging requests.

Key Nº4 

An efficient contractual process 

Timing in biospecimen procurement is a key factor in the choice of a biospecimen provider. Delays generated by the contractual process between these parties can jeopardize an entire research project.

Over 150 leading academic, hospital, and clinical biospecimen sources have entered into a Master Service Agreement (MSA) with Trans-Hit Bio and agreed upon its umbrella Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) template. Our templates have already been reviewed and accepted by the legal departments of many biopharmaceutical companies, which has saved them months in administrative work.

Key Nº5 

A unique model 

Trans-Hit Bio removes the blindfold! 

Industry partners are informed of the sample’s source and our partnered biobanks are informed of the end-users. Our unique model enables us to:

  • Reduce the risk of duplicate samples. Knowing where the samples are from eliminates the risk of receiving duplicate samples from multiple providers, reaching out to the same sources, with the ensuing loss of time, effort, and money for the project.
  • Directly connect with the experts behind the biospecimen collection: We organize teleconference calls and potential site visits to discuss any scientific or technical details.
  • Adhere to the highest ethical standards - Donor samples need to be traceable to guarantee their ethical provenance.  Transparency is a requirement for hospital and academic based biobanks to ensure full traceability.


Note: Samples are always shipped directly from the Biospecimen Provider to the Industry Researcher.

See our publications about traceability