Biospecimen access facilitated

What we do

No Catalogs.  We search for the right biospecimens to match your specific requirements and facilitate direct interaction with their original source.   

High-quality biospecimen and associated data required by R&D projects can often be found only in academic and large hospital settings. The researchers behind these specialized collections possess an invaluable depth of expertise. Unfortunately, an existing communication gap between academia and industry makes it challenging for researchers to access samples from academic settings. 

Trans-Hit Bio bridges this gap by connecting academia and industry researchers with its unique transparent model, which has fostered significant advances in research and rescued countless R&D projects.

Our services

  • Retrospective Collections
  • Customized Prospective  Collections
  • Other Customized Services
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Why THB’s Model works

  • Our team of experts
  •  Our proven biospecimen search strategy
  • Our worldwide network of biospecimen 
  • Our efficient contractual process
  • Our commitment to transparency
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Our expertise

In the last 3 years

  • 3,000requests received
  • 40%are prospective studies
  • 20,000successfully sourced samples
  • 21%Lung Cancer
  • 20%Gastrointestinal Cancer
  • 12%Genitourinary Cancer
  • 10%Breast Cancer
  • 5%CNS
  • 4%Gynecology Cancer
  • 4%Hematologic Cancer
  • 3%Infectious Diseases
  • 22%Other dIseases
Past studies