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We invite you to gain a fuller understanding of the process of accessing biospecimens. Starting with the essential step of identifying your study’s requirements, accessing biospecimens is a process of considering the right biospecimen sources among varied options that ensure ethical compliance.

Importance of the right sample

At THB, our expert scientists help you define your pre-analytical criteria to convey these to our sources when searching for the right biospecimens. This is a crucial step in the process of acquiring biospecimens and ensures you avoid receiving samples with variables that could lead to incorrect data analysis.

Choosing the right source

With many different sources for accessing biospecimens, THB makes sure you find the right channel that fits your biospecimens needs.

Ethics & Traceability

Traceability of biospecimen samples ensures that the consents and best interests of the original donors are upheld. Such ethical standards improve the quality of the research by enhancing the reproducibility of the studies as well as the translational value of the acquired knowledge. These are ethical standards that THB and all its partners stand by.

Where Trans-Hit Bio comes in

Today’s biomedical research standards have made human biospecimen requirements more complex than ever. Often, the samples required can only be found in large hospital or academic settings. The gap in communication between academic or hospital biobanks and industry researchers can make access to these important sources of human biospecimens seem daunting to researchers.

Trans-Hit Bio bridges this gap with its unique transparent model, helping biospecimen providers and biomedical researchers understand each other’s expectations. THB has fostered significant advances in biomedical research and rescued countless R&D projects by facilitating this process for all parties involved.


Who we are

Neither a vendor nor a biobank, Trans-Hit Bio acts as an intermediary in providing biomedical researchers with access to the highest quality biospecimens for their specific needs.

Our experienced multilingual scientists with solid backgrounds in biomedical research understand your needs and are dedicated to advising and facilitating your search for the best solutions in biospecimen resourcing. We see it as our mission to contribute to the advancement of medical discovery. Trans-Hit Bio has a vested interest in the validation of new biomarkers and the development of novel therapeutic and diagnostic tools.




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