Why academics work with us

Expertise & Traceability

Key nº1 

Gain visibility for your Institution 

We promote your collections and capabilities to the pharma industry at an international level. 

With thousands of biorepositories existing around the world, often with overlapping and underused biospecimen collections, efforts are needed to valorize this high value-added material.

We give you direct access to a large network of industry end users and the possibility to increase your number of biospecimens used for research purposes.

Key Nº2 

Achieving financial sustainability 

Academic biobanks are expensive, both to establish and to maintain. Research infrastructure grants frequently enable institutions to establish new biobanks, but such grants are not generally available to fund continuing biobank operations. As a result, biobanks around the world face the considerable challenge of achieving financial sustainability.

We understand this challenge and work with and for academic biobanks with the goal of ensuring financial sustainability by obtaining a cost recovery fee for the Biospecimen Provider. In this way, biobanks can recover at least some of the costs of their operations and require less support from their host institution.

Working with THB contributes to the financing of your biobank's internal R&D and supports the maintenance and growth of your biorepository.

Key Nº3 

A model based on the transparency and traceability of samples 

This model ensures transparency with respect to sample provenance. We believe that transparency is key in maintaining the integrity and quality of the research as well as respecting patients’ donations

We establish a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) between the Biospecimen Provider and the End-User. This model ensures transparency with respect to sample access.

Key Nº4 

Leave a solid footprint in biotherapeutics and biomarker discovery  

Human clinical samples are the most powerful means to discover and validate a biomarker

Academic biospecimen collections, represent years of investment and are often underutilized or even dormant for various reasons. The existing communications gap between academia and industry makes it challenging for pharmaceutical companies to pinpoint the specific sample sources they require. Trans-Hit Bio effectively bridges that gap.

Locating banked collections, or clinical sites able to prospectively collect biospecimens, with comprehensive associated medical data may boost the number of biomarker development projects.

At Trans-Hit Bio, we are convinced that this will contribute to the advancement of personalized medicine approaches that should represent major changes in the biopharmaceutical industry early in the 21st century.

Key Nº5 

Leverage your scientific expertise 

Trans-Hit Bio works with reliable academic, hospital and clinical biospecimen sources. We believe that these are the best sources for accessing high-quality samples and their associated data

We connect you with the end-user to leverage your invaluable depth of expertise and promote your institution at an international level.

Key Nº6 

Meet industry requirements 

Our team of Ph.D. project managers coordinate, together with your Biobank/Clinical site team, every aspect of the End-User’s biospecimen request:

  • Initial feasibility
  • Definition of study specifications:
    • inclusion/exclusion criteria
    • needed associated data
    • collection protocol (prospective collection)
Key Nº7 

A facilitated process 

We present you with industry requests and take care of all contractual agreements as well as the logistical process.

Timing in biospecimen procurement is a key element in the choice of a biospecimen provider by an end-user. Delays generated by the contractual process between parties can jeopardize a research project.

Over 150 leading biospecimen providers have entered into a Master Service Agreement (MSA) with Trans-Hit Bio.