17 July, 2020

Project Manager job opening at THB

Project Manager Biopharma

This position is responsible for executing and meeting the objectives of the operations team by liaising THB clients with THB partnered biobanks. THB is acting as a service company (no benchwork activities are carried out). The Project Manager is accountable to the Operations Director and/or the Senior Project Manager on the performance of their Study Management (SM) Projects and other non-SM Projects impacting the processes or strategic goals of the company.

Relevant educational and professional background:

  • Biomedical Sciences with a PhD degree
  • At least 5 years’ experience in research involving the use of human biospecimens 
  • Good knowledge of biobanks, of their operations and their regulatory environment   

Your main missions in this job:

  • Management of Biospecimen Requests from Clients of significant impact to THB with the highest level of professionalism with the aim of exceeding customers’ expectations.
  • Provide support in Study Design to End Users
  • Maintain excellent relationships with THB Clients and partnered biobanks.
  • Solve any Scientific, QA, regulatory, logistics, administrative, or contractual issues that might happen in the course of a study 
  • Assist upper management in further developing THB service quality
  • Participate in various promotional events which may include representing THB in scientific conferences worldwide

Skills that are required to succeed in this job:

  • Soft skills and networking capabilities
  • Excellent written and oral communication in English
  • Strong organizational, time management and project management skills

If you have the capacity to work in total autonomy,
You will work, contribute and grow professionally in a fast pace learning, challenging environment, with a direct exposure to upper management.
You will benefit from a high level of accountability and develop strong connections with both the Rx and Dx and academic R&D communities.
You will have the opportunity to collaborate with worldwide scientific leaders and to contribute to major healthcare innovations in fields such as oncology, infectious diseases, or CNS diseases (e.g. Alzheimer’s disease).

Interested? All applications are manged through INDEED