22 December, 2016

Trans-Hit Bio ends 2016 with record growth and further strengthens Laval international project management team


Trans-Hit Bio is pleased to announce that Dr. Vanessa Tumilasci and Dr. Huaijian Guo have joined the THB international project management team in Laval as a result of a year of record growth in 2016. 


Dr. Vanessa Tumilasci holds an MSc. in Biotechnology from Sao Paulo University (Brazil) and a PhD in Microbiology & Immunology from McGill University (Montreal, Canada). While training at the Lady Davis Institute/McGill University, Vanessa focused her research on the development of a cancer combination therapy using Oncolytic virus and BCL-2 inhibitors to treat leukemic cancer cells (B-CLL). Vanessa’s scientific research resulted in the publication of many peer-reviewed research manuscripts and invited review articles. Prior to joining THB, Vanessa carried out an Industrial Post-doctoral fellowship at MediMabs (Montreal, Canada) on the development of bispecific antibodies. In 2012, she joined the project management team at MediMabs and as of 2015 led the business development efforts. During her time at MediMabs, Vanessa was a key player in scientific customer service, implemented the company’s corporate development strategy, and grew to a record level the number of collaborations between MediMabs and academic partners.

Vanessa joins THB with a dual track record of excellence in science and science customer services, reminding all the team that attention to both skills is an utmost condition to the development of a high-end scientific CRO.


Dr. Huaijian Guo holds a BSc from the University of Science and Technology of China (Hefei, China) and a PhD in Experimental Medicine from McGill University (Montreal, Canada).

During his training at the Montreal Clinical Research Institute (IRCM) / McGill University, Huaijian was involved in several research projects aiming to understand the signaling mechanisms mediated by critical receptors in immune cells. His research focused on the regulation of immune cells in disease in in vitro and in vivo models, evaluating specifically the activation of T cells, B cells, natural killer cells, natural killer T cells, macrophages and dendritic cells. Remarkably, Huaijian’s studies uncovered the signaling mechanism of a potential biotherapeutic antibody in the treatment of multiple myeloma. Huaijian’s scientific research resulted in multiple peer-reviewed research publications and invited review articles.

Huaijian, as a brilliant young scientist, brings to THB, both an in-depth and invaluable expertise in immuno-oncology and, through linguistic and cultural links, an effective and markedly enhanced scope of business collaboration with Chinese R&D academic teams.


Commenting on the news, Dr. Benoit Bouche, Managing Director at THB says: “We are extremely pleased with THB’s overall evolution during a quite active year 2016 that ends with double the partnered sites, revenues, and FTEs as compared to last year. This outstanding performance is based mainly on an increasing recurrent business from global IVD and pharma players whose requests, however challenging they might be, are almost always answered positively by our proprietary network with an unrivaled biospecimen sourcing capability.”

Dr. Pascal Puchois, THB Founder and CEO adds: “Our loyal customers deserve our deep gratitude for their trust in our capabilities. With Vanessa and Huaijian, THB now has on board 8 customer service oriented PhDs addressing customer needs based on a stringent compliance to international regulatory guidelines and an extreme attention to quality.”