17 October, 2016

Trans-Hit Bio and Sapien Biosciences enter into a Strategic Business Agreement Aimed at Strengthening India’s Presence in Translational Research and Personalized Medicine Solutions

Laval - Canada & Hyderdad - India

This business partnership promotes collaboration between Drug Discovery and Diagnostic Research Organizations worldwide and India’s first commercial biobank – Sapien Biosciences – enabling key access to large numbers of ethically consented patient samples and associated clinical data for R&D purposes forming the basis of precision medicine. 



Northern American Trans-Hit Bio (THB), a leading human biospecimen procurement CRO, and Sapien Biosciences, India’s largest academic/hospital-based biobank, enter into a strategic agreement. 

Sapien Biosciences is affiliated with Apollo Hospitals, the largest healthcare network in Asia with 57 hospitals and many stand-alone clinics in India and abroad. In FY2016, Apollo’s 7,000 clinicians managed 370,000 admissions (9,500 beds) and 3,300,000 outpatient visits. Apollo’s 120 oncologists working in 9 dedicated oncology sites initiated 57,000 chemotherapy procedures. 

This collaboration allows Sapien and THB to provide Research & Development Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Diagnostic companies as well as Academic Groups an unrivaled access to ethically collected, high quality human biospecimens and associated clinical data for the discovery and validation of drug targets, biomarkers or companion diagnostics in various indications including oncology, immuno-oncology and infectious diseases. 

The strategic agreement also provides THB privileged access to Sapien’s state of the art translational research services support platform including primary cell models and phenotypic assays. 

Based on an academic-friendly fully transparent policy enabling a direct communication between end-users and clinical experts, THB has emerged over the years as the reference high-end scientific tissue procurement CRO collaborating with the most demanding Biomarker, Drug Discovery, Instrumentation and Reagents, and Diagnostics teams and a worldwide network of clinicians and clinical pathologists. 

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare granted approval to THB and Sapien Biosciences to import and export biospecimens for R&D purposes based on the strict ethical, patient privacy procedures followed stringently by the partners prior to providing those samples to scientific collaborators. 

Upon announcement of this partnership Dr. Jugnu Jain, Co-Founder and CEO of Sapien Biosciences, says: "Sapien Biosciences was set-up as a biobank-focused R&D organization enabling the development of cutting-edge diagnostics & therapeutics through our internal projects as well as collaborations. The biosamples and associated medical data that are being systematically collated and banked at Sapien are a rich and key resource for the development of novel, more sensitive, non-invasive diagnostic tests that will benefit patients in India and the world.” 

Dr. Pascal Puchois, Trans-Hit Bio CEO adds: “This partnership is an outstanding achievement for both companies. It provides us a unique competitive advantage as the only company in the world to have the capability to procure extensive high quality biospecimen collections from India for pharmaceutical and diagnostics R&D teams within timelines that are compatible with their expectations.” 

Commenting on the partnership, Ms. Shobana Kamineni, Executive Vice Chairperson, Apollo Hospitals says, "Apollo has been at the forefront of recognizing personalized medicine as the future of healthcare delivery. Sapien was set-up with the vision of enabling such personalized medicine approaches by contributing to R&D the world over. We are very excited to see this crystallize through partnerships such as this one with THB. Expertise developed within the Apollo team of highly qualified and experienced clinicians will now be better leveraged and effectively contribute to the development of new drugs and disease biomarkers with a potential breakthrough impact in health management” 


About Sapien Biosciences: 

Sapien ( is a Biobank subsidiary of Apollo Hospitals, Asia’s largest healthcare network. Sapien’s biobank has an unrivaled collection of human biospecimens in various indications including oncology, infectious diseases, CNS, immune and auto-immune degenerative disorders, and a prospective collection capability in almost any indication of potential interest to R&D teams. Sapien Biosciences has meticulously collected more than 50,000 FFPE blocks and 5000 fresh samples along with associated data over the last 4 years, a goldmine of disease information that can be turned to knowledge fueling products to promote health and well-being of patients. 



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