We value our partners 

We aim to foster long-term partnerships with both our clients and biospecimen providers.  We believe that trust is essential to successfully manage the most challenging projects.

We have established a worldwide network of partnerships with academic, hospital, and clinical sources specialized in various medical fields.

Join our network of partnered biospecimen providers

Trans-Hit Bio brings to its partners the visibility they need to fulfill their single most important task of serving the research community by providing high-quality biospecimens to advance scientific research to benefit patients. As part of its services to its partners, Trans-hit Bio will:

  • Make sure its partners are the first to receive new Clinical Sample Requests
  • Proactively promote its partners' sample collection, capabilities, and scientific expertise to specific groups of players in the biopharma industry
  • Disclose the end-user and promote direct interaction between end-user scientists and biospecimen provider’s experts

Exclusive Partnerships

Trans-Hit Bio recognizes the complex process of collecting, processing and storing biospecimens and working with the elaborated needs from the biopharma adds to the process complexity.

Trans-Hit Bio offers to its partners the possibility of a more intricate relationship through an Exclusive Partnership.

Our Exclusive Partners benefit from all Trans-Hit Bio services above and much more:

  • Promote Partners' capabilities through specific marketing strategies
  • Support staff to increase feasibility efficiency
  • Assist partners in developing additional biobanking capacities (i.e prospective collection)
  • Assist with modernizing biobanking structure

Trans-Hit Bio has strategically partnered with Academic and Hospital-Based Biospecimen Providers to offer high-quality samples.