Interactions with industry facilitated

We help ensure the best possible use of your biospecimen collection and expertise

A trusted partner

Trans-Hit Bio is recognized as a reliable partner by both biospecimen providers and biopharma companies looking for access to high-quality biological sample collections.

We are a CRO specialized in biospecimen sourcing with an international team of PhDs project managers who will facilitate your interaction with industry, helping you to ensure the best possible use of your biospecimen collection and expertise. We support your business development by promoting your biobank and advising you on how to adapt your services to meet industry needs. In this way, we enable your biobank to become more financially sustainable. In addition, our commitment to traceability provides a sound ethical basis for the work we facilitate.

Why academics work with us

  • Gain visibility for your Institution
  • Achieve financial sustainability
  • A model based on transparency and traceability of samples
  • Leave a solid footprint in biotherapeutics and biomarker discovery
  • Leverage your scientific expertise
  • Meet industry requirements
  • A facilitated process
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Active Studies

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Become a Partner

  • Partners are the first to receive new Clinical Sample Requests
  • THB proactively promotes your sample collection, capabilities and scientific expertise 
  • We disclose the End-User and promote direct interaction between End-User scientists and Biospecimen Provider’s experts
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Our expertise

In the last 3 years

  • 3,000requests received
  • 40%are prospective studies
  • 20,000successfully sourced samples
  • 21%Lung Cancer
  • 20%Gastrointestinal Cancer
  • 12%Genitourinary Cancer
  • 10%Breast Cancer
  • 5%CNS
  • 4%Gynecology Cancer
  • 4%Hematologic Cancer
  • 3%Infectious Diseases
  • 22%Other dIseases
Past studies