Trans-Hit Biomarkers and Biomnis enter into an Alliance and Co-Marketing Agreement to Provide Access to High-Quality Biological Samples for Biomarker Research

Montreal, December 30th, 2016 - Biomnis, a leading specialty medical laboratory in France, and Trans-Hit Biomarkers Inc., a provider of a unique combination of services to the biomarker research domain, today announced that they have entered into an alliance and co-marketing agreement to make Biomnis’ large collection of left-over biological samples available to the biomarker research community.

Trans-Hit Biomarkers will act as Biomnis exclusive representative for North-America, and both companies will also collaborate, non-exclusively, in other parts of the world. “Access to the North-American market through this alliance is a unique opportunity for Biomnis to create international visibility as a leading European diagnostic and pathology laboratory”, said Dr Amaury Lachaud, Biospecimen Repository Manager.

Biomnis can provide large numbers of “left-over” samples that remain after completion of routine clinical laboratory analyses. These samples, with known concentrations of specific analytes, are especially valuable in the development and validation of new diagnostic assays and as reference materials. Dr. Pascal Puchois, Chief Executive Officer of Trans-Hit Biomarkers, added: “This partnership with Biomnis brings a valued addition to Trans-Hit’s services, to provide biomarker developers with quick and easy access to large collections of high-quality biological samples, a critical component in advancing biomarker research and bringing new diagnostic biomarkers to the clinic to improve medical care and patients’ lives.”

About Biomnis

Biomnis is a leading reference clinical laboratory in Europe, with over 1,000 employees. Biomnis operates three specialised multidisciplinary centres, in Lyon and Paris, France, and Dublin, Ireland, covering all the disciplines of medical testing. The company registers over 21,000 new patient records every day, and performs more than 36,000 tests performed daily based on a menu of more than 2,500 clinical tests across all biomedical disciplines. Biomnis is accredited to the ISO 17025 and 15189 standards, and has accreditation for esoteric testing. Visit  Biomnis Website

About Trans-Hit Bio: 

Trans-Hit Bio is the worldwide biospecimen access CRO with the most extensive collection capability for biospecimens and clinical samples through an unrivaled worldwide partnered-network of state-of-the-art biorepositories. We facilitate direct interactions between our customers and academic biobanks allowing the scientific and medical expertise of academics to be drawn upon and leveraged. We take the time to carefully assess your needs, and consider your specific requirements for biospecimen collections and associated medical data. The company, led by a team of scientists with a solid background in biomedical research advises you and provide you with the best solutions to help you design your biospecimen requests in variousfields including oncology, infectiology, CNS diseases. We provide continuous support throughout the process from your initial request to the moment you receive the samples in your lab and beyond.