We are Pleased to Announce that our Correspondence Entitled "Finding Ways to Improve the use of Biobanks" has been Published in Nature Medicine (Vol 19 (17), Page 814-815, July 2013). In this Paper, Trans-Hit Biomarkers Emphasizes the Need for Biobanks to be more open and Flexible towards Industry to Bring Innovative Biomarkers to the Patient


Montreal, July 22nd, 2013 - We are pleased to announce that a book chapter on the role of biobanks and human biospecimen collections in biomarker validation*, co-authored by Trans-Hit Biomarkers Inc. has now been published by the Royal Society of Chemistry in 'Comprehensive biomarker discovery and validation for clinical application''. In this chapter, Trans-Hit Biomarkers Inc. and co-authors emphasize the urgency to enhance collaborations between biobanks and scientists to advance biomarker validation. The authors highlight four key areas of dysfunction in this collaborative value chain: unsustainable biobank orperating models, difficulties in locating and accessing biospecimen and data collections, inefficient reserach business practices, and uncertain biospecimen and data quality.  Further insight into these issues is offered and recommendations are presented to address these challenges. Finally, guidance is provided as to how biospecimen and biomedical reserach practices might be augmented to further advance biomarker discovery and development outcomes with maximal clinical impact.

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*Pascal Puchois, Lisa B. Miranda and Alain Van Gool. The Cardinal role of biobanks and human biospecimen collections in biomarker validation: Issues impeding impact of biomarker research outcomes. (pages 73-110) in RSC Drug Discovery Series No. 33 - 2013. Book title: Comprehensive Biomarker Discovery and Validation for Clinical Application. Edited by Peter Horvatovich and Rainer Bischoff, and Published by the Royal Society of Chemistry.


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Trans-Hit Bio is the worldwide biospecimen access CRO with the most extensive collection capability for biospecimens and clinical samples through an unrivaled worldwide partnered-network of state-of-the-art biorepositories. We facilitate direct interactions between our customers and academic biobanks allowing the scientific and medical expertise of academics to be drawn upon and leveraged. We take the time to carefully assess your needs, and consider your specific requirements for biospecimen collections and associated medical data. The company, led by a team of scientists with a solid background in biomedical research advises you and provide you with the best solutions to help you design your biospecimen requests in variousfields including oncology, infectiology, CNS diseases. We provide continuous support throughout the process from your initial request to the moment you receive the samples in your lab and beyond.