Partnering Opportunity for Biobanks: Trans-Hit Biomarkers is Initiating a Biomarker Development Project

Partnering Opportunity for biobanks: Trans-Hit Biomarkers is initiating a biomarker development project


Montreal, January 2014

Are you interested in truly participating in the development of novel prognostic tests, not only by contributing samples, but also sharing in the economic outcome of the research done on those samples?

Trans-Hit Biomarkers is looking for biobanks/researchers who are interested in participating in a project to identify and develop novel biomarker panels for various cancers, and who can contribute serum samples to one or more of the following diseases:

·       Lung cancer (Request ID369)

·       Testicular cancer (Request ID370)

·       Breast cancer (Request ID378)

·       Ovarian cancer (Request ID379)

·       Pancreatic cancer (Request ID380)


For the first phase of this project ~200 serum samples will be required per disease. Multiple biobanks can participate in each disease study, with each biobank contributing a subset of the samples. Biobanks can also participate in more than one study.

For this project Trans=Hit proposes two modes of participation:

·       Biobanks/researchers can provide samples, and receive compensation for their costs

·       Biobanks/researchers can participate in this project through a novel collaboration concept we have developed, and become a true partner that shares in the outcome of the research:

Are you interested in contributing samples to one or more of the studies in this project, and in return become a true partner who shares in the future economic benefits from commercialization of inventions derived from the study?

Based on your scientific expertise, you can also participate in the scientific evaluation of the results and the establishment of the plans for further development and validation of the diagnostic tests.

If this has caught your attention, and you are interested in participating in this one or more studies in this project, either as a provider of (a subset of) the requested samples or as a real partner, please contact us to request more information discuss the project.

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