Trans-Hit Biomarkers Participated in a Isber Workshop. Slide Presentation Available upon Request.

Challenges and possible solutions to Industry collaborations with Academic Biobanks


ISBER 2015 - Phoenix (AZ, USA). May 5-9, 2015
Bridging the Canyon - Connecting Biobank Communities through Innovations in Globaol Health, Research and Environmental Preservation.

Challenges and Possible Solutions to Academic Biobanks Collaborations with Industry
(This presentation is available and can be provided upon request)

Ventana Medical Systems, USA, 
TransHit Biomarkers, Canada, 
Banner Sun Health Research Institute, USA

The biggest challenges for academic-based biorepositories are achieving financial sustainability and ensuring meritorious, ethical and transparent dispersal and usage of biospecimens. Traditionally, academia-based biobanks have predominantly partnered with academic researchers but industry also has the ability to help biobanks achieve these objectives. Industry has an increasing need for high-quality biospecimens, but both players have their own culture, policies, requirements, and bottlenecks, which often limit the possibility and/or efficacy of collaborations. This workshop will present the main challenges that biospecimen sourcing managers from industry experience when trying to access biospecimen collections available in academic biobanks. The aim is to have an interactive discussion with attendees from a broad range of industry and biobanking backgrounds, which will help to identify the major obstacles to collaboration as well as joint policy compromises that would speed the necessary legal, ethical and financial agreements.

The four main topics were:
• Industry need for access to academic biobanks 
• Intellectual property, publication and authorship 
• Ethical needs of biobanks – beyond the legal minimum 
• Need for industry-standard MTAs to speed legal process