Trans-Hit Biomarkers Invited by the Technology and Innovation Development Office of the Children’s Hospital Boston to Participate in an Expert Panel on Biomarkers Development

BOSTON, MA - Trans-Hit Biomarkers will participate in an expert panel discussion hosted by the Technology and Innovation Development Office (TIDO) of  the Children’s Hospital Boston.  The panel will take place at the Center for Life Science Boston (3 Blackfan Circle, Boston, MA) on Wednesday, 22 September 2010. Panelists include expert representatives from Roche Molecular Systems, Merck, AstraZeneca and Trans-Hit Biomarkers.

Topics of discussion include:

·      Issues, challenges and lessons learned during all phases of biomarker related research and development

·      Moving a biomarker from discovery to a commercial assay

·      Considerations for sample collection

·      Biomarker validation

·      FDA regulatory issues

·      Resources available to academic investigators to assist commercialization of biomarkers

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 “Considering the large number  of forums that Trans-Hit Biomarkers has been invited to speak at by other reputable Technology Transfer Offices  and stakeholders in the biomarker R&D arena, it has become evident to us that solutions are needed to address the existing gaps between discovery and commercialization of biomarkers by academic scientists," said Pascal Puchois, Trans-Hit’s CEO.


 About Children’s Hospital Boston’s TIDO: Children's Hospital Boston's Technology and Innovation Development Office works to translate the world-class, cutting edge research conducted at Children's into new therapies, diagnostics and devices that can benefit the public through active partnering with biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device companies at all stages (e.g. research, development, pre-clinical and clinical testing).

About Trans-Hit Biomarkers: Trans-Hit Biomarkers is a privately held company whose mission is to advance innovative biomarkers into more valuable and competitive products. Trans-Hit Biomarkers is collaborative research organization forging strong partnerships between human biobanks, CROs, diagnostic companies and technology transfer offices. To learn more about Trans-Hit Biomarkers, visit Contact: [email protected]