Trans-Hit Biomarkers and Caprion enter into Co-Marketing Agreement to Accelerate Validation o Candidate Protein Biomarkers: Proteome-Hit

Montreal, Canada, September 27, 2010

Trans-Hit Biomarkers Inc., a unique provider of high-quality clinical sample collections announced today that it entered into an alliance agreement with Caprion Proteomics Inc, a leading provider of proteomics-based biomarker discovery and validation services.

Trans-Hit Biomarkers and Caprion will combine their expertise to deliver an integrated service approach, called “Proteome-Hit” for accelerating clinical development and validation of novel protein biomarkers.  By combining Trans-Hit’s access to high-quality biospecimen collection with Caprion’s mass spectrometry-based MRM assays for high-throughput, multiplexed quantitative measurement of proteins, “Proteome-Hit” will allow rapid multiplexed measurement of protein biomarker candidates on large numbers of patient samples from high-quality biospecimen collections.

Dr.Pascal Puchois, Chief Executive Officer of Trans-Hit Biomarkers, stated "Caprion’s mass spectrometry-based MRM services for rapid multiplexed measurement of candidate protein biomarkers, provide a cost and time-effective alternative to the development of immunoassays. This partnership with Caprion allows us to provide scientists with a solution to quickly measure new protein biomarkers on larges sets of samples, without having to develop immunoassays and questioning the quality of the samples and therefore help deliver stronger clinical proof of concept to their newly discovered protein biomarkers.”


About Trans-Hit Biomarkers

Trans-Hit Biomarkers is a privately held company whose mission is to advance innovative biomarkers into more valuable and competitive products. Trans-Hit Biomarkers is a collaborative research organization forging strong partnerships between human biobanks, CROs, diagnostic companies and technology transfer offices. To learn more about Trans-Hit Biomarkers, visit

About  Caprion

Caprion Proteomics is the leading provider of proteomics based services to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.  Using CellCarta®, its proprietary gel-free, label-free mass spectrometry platform, Caprion has performed multiple large-scale biomarker discovery studies for the biopharmaceutical industry.  Caprion also uses Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM) to rapidly measure candidate biomarkers in large cohorts for the validation of protein biomarkers.  In 2008, Caprion entered into a worldwide strategic marketing and distribution alliance for biomarker services with Covance, Inc. (NYSE:CVD). Caprion Proteomics, a privately-held company, is majority owned by Great Point Partners, LP.  For more information, please visit: