Trans-Hit Biomarkers Launches a Risk-Benefit-Sharing Business model Between Biobanks And Biomarker Scientists to Boost the Success of Biomarkers

Montreal, November 21st, 2011 - Trans-Hit Biomarkers Inc. is pleased to announce that it proposes an interesting new business model for collaboration between biomarker scientists and biobanks to bring valuable biomarkers to the clinic. This new approach results from the observation that too many biomarker discoveries, even when accompanied by a patent application, are accompanied by a poorly demonstrated proof-of-concept. Unfortunately most of this biomarker IP now dies on the shelves.

Academic scientists as well as many small and medium size companies need collections of high-quality retrospective samples to support their biomarker validation program, but lack adequate funding to obtain them. At the same time, many biobanks do not maximally exploit the potential value of their biological sample collections, struggle to find a suitable, sustainable business model, and search for means to generate revenues from their biospecimen collection which they deem highly valuable.

Under Trans-Hit Biomarkers’ Risk Benefit-Sharing Model, biobanks provide access to their biospecimen collection for free or at substantially reduced fees, in return for a share in the revenues from a future sale of the biomarker IP, or royalties on the sale of the final diagnostic test.

Dr. Pascal Puchois, CEO of Trans-Hit Biomarkers, stated: This Risk-Benefit Sharing Model will help scientists to decrease their up-front financial requirements, while it provides biobanks with an opportunity to become a true partner with a real scientific input in a biomarker project, and gives them an opportunity to create a long-term revenue stream. This new business model will certainly facilitate and expedite biomarker validation and we hope that it will help many new biomarkers to prove their clinical utility and to reach the market.”

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