Retrospective & Prospective Biospecimen Collections

we execute searches among more than 1600 biorepositories

Whatever the disease indication, the number and type of biospecimens, WE CAN DO IT!

We have established preferred partnerships with biospecimen providers specialized in all medical fields, including oncology, CNS, cardiovascular, infectious, and autoimmune diseases.

We connect you to the biobank(s) that are able to provide the samples and associated medical data that you need.

When your studies require prospective or tailored sample collection, Trans-Hit Bio initiates and manages prospective studies at selected clinical sites that have proven superior recruitment capabilities and comply with best practice standards.

For example, you can design longitudinal studies, unique sampling procedures, or collect matched biospecimens from the same subject (e.g. tissue and serum).

Samples are shipped one by one or in batches as donor recruitment and sample accrual is on-going so that you can run your tests and analyze the data in a progressive manner. Trans-Hit Bio takes responsibility for setting-up, overseeing and managing each study.