Our mission is to contribute to the advancement of discovery and validation of new biomarkers and the development of novel therapeutics by providing access to high quality biospecimens required by our industry partners through the collaboration with expert academic biobanks. We bridge the gap between industry and academia.

Our aim is to keep growing as the leading CRO supporting biomedical R&D teams and to become the gold standard for tissue procurement. We strive to develop the most extensive global biobank network and be recognized as a key partner to academic biorepositories enabling them to leverage their expertise and to leave a solid footprint in biotherapeutics and biomarker discovery.


We are scientists at heart. We believe our business to be about service and true expertise, and not about selling items off a shelf. We are totally transparent with our clients on sample sourcing and disclose the origin of the biospecimens to the end-user and vice versa.

We share your values and passion for biomarker development. We respect collection sites as partners and help them develop processes that meet industry requirements. Our values imply the highest standard of ethics starting with a deep gratitude and respect for donors as well as the academic scientists and physicians treating them.

We aim to foster long-term partnerships with both our clients and biospecimen providers. Indeed, trust and goodwill are essential to successfully manage the most challenging projects.