Puchois is a Clinical Pathologist with degrees in both Pharmacy and Medical Pathology and PhDs in Clinical Biochemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences (University of Lille, France). After a postdoctoral fellowship at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (USA), Pascal worked at ‘Institut Pasteur de Lille’ where he headed the Biomarker R&D Unit and was also the head of an hospital’s multidisciplinary Clinical Laboratory. After this academic career, he founded and/or held executive management positions (CEO, VP) in the CRO sector (central laboratories, preclinical & clinical CROs) in Europe & North America and in Biopharmaceutical companies (Canada).

In 1989, Pascal was the founder of one of the first European clinical CROs, Data Master Clinical Research, and in 1993 the European central laboratory (CAP accredited), Medical Research Laboratories in Brussels (Belgium). Later, he also served as Vice President for a preclinical CRO, Oncodesign as well for the drug biotech companies Celmed Biosciences (GVHD) and Chronogen (Ageing diseases) where he implemented drug development strategies based on the use of biomarkers.
Pascal’s extensive experience in the CRO industry and his biomarker expertise (analytical & clinical validation) combined with a quality-oriented mindset (developed as a certified Quality Assurance auditor for European clinical and central laboratories) made possible THB’s high-end scientific positioning


Senior Director, Europe

Dr Hicham Lahlou joined the company in 2013 and has since successfully led over 100 clinical biospecimen procurement projects. In addition to his customer services manager function, he plays a key role in the implementation of THB corporate development strategy, growing both the customer portfolio and the partnered biobanks and clinical sites network.

Hicham holds a PhD in cellular and molecular pharmacology from the University of Toulouse (France). Prior to joining THB, Hicham was a Research Associate at the McGill University Cancer Centre where he was in charge of studying the molecular mechanisms involved in the HER2/neu oncogene-induced mammary tumorigenesis. In 10 years of academic research, he has successfully managed several research projects related to pancreatic and breast cancer that have led to numerous international publications in top tier scientific journals. He received his MBA from the Hautes Études Commerciales Business School of Montreal where he perfected his project management and customer relationship management skills.

Hicham is a solutions-driven individual, he excels at finding operational and contractual solutions suitable for all stakeholders in biospecimen procurement.

At THB, he mentors newly recruited project leaders so that they develop the same unique capacity to understand that no is not an answer within our company and that projects entrusted by THB customers are successfully completed however challenging they may be.


Director, Study Management

Dr Sophie Dahan manages biospecimen procurement centric R&D projects, is instrumental in the formation of new partnerships with pharmaceutical companies and biorepositories and in the improvement of THB operational processes.

Sophie holds a PhD in Cell Biology from McGill University (Montreal, Canada) and she is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). She carried out post-doctoral studies at the University of Montreal (Montreal, Canada) and at the Mayo Clinic (Rochester, MN). In 2001 Sophie joined Caprion Pharmaceuticals and, through proteomics technologies, made significant contributions to the identification of candidate cancer protein biomarkers and immunotherapy drug targets. In 2007 as R&D Section Leader at PerkinElmer, a life sciences and IVD company, Sophie led a team of scientists in the development, validation and launch of high-throughput screening reagents for the detection of disease protein biomarkers and post-translational modifications in in vitro and cell-based assays. In 2013 Sophie joined the CRO Immuni T, as Principal Project Manager, and managed the operations team and customer interactions for GLP, non-GLP and clinical studies, including development and validation of esoteric assays including multiplex biomarkers, cell- and flow cytometry-based analyses for assessment of cell activation, cytotoxicity and immunogenicity prediction for new biotherapeutics.

Sophie is THB’s flagship in terms of total dedication to quality, an utmost condition for meeting or exceeding customers’ expectations.


Business Development & Marketing

Dr Vanessa Tumilasci manages biospecimen procurement centric R&D projects, is instrumental in the formation of new partnerships with pharmaceutical companies and biorepositories and plays an active role in corporate development initiatives.

Vanessa holds an MSc. degree in Biotechnology from Sao Paulo University (Brazil) and a PhD in Microbiology & Immunology from McGill University (Montreal, Canada). While training at the Lady Davis Institute/McGill University, Vanessa focused her research on the development of a cancer combination therapy using Oncolytic virus and BCL-2 inhibitors to treat leukemic cancer cells (B-CLL). Vanessa’s scientific research resulted in the publication of many peer-reviewed research manuscripts and invited review articles. Prior to joining Trans-Hit Bio, Vanessa carried out an Industrial Post-doctoral fellowship at MediMabs (Montreal, Canada) on the development of bispecific antibodies. In 2012, she joined the project management team at MediMabs and as of 2015 led the business development efforts. During her time at MediMabs, Vanessa was a key player in scientific customer service, implemented the company’s corporate development strategy, and grew to a record level the number of collaborations between MediMabs and academic partners.

Vanessa joins THB with a dual track record of excellence in science and science customer services, reminding all the team that attention to both skills is an utmost condition to the development of a high-end scientific CRO.


Project Director

Dr David Shahbazian manages biospecimen procurement centric R&D projects, is instrumental in the formation of new partnerships with pharmaceutical companies and biorepositories and plays an active role in corporate development initiatives.

David holds an MSc degree in Cell Biology and Immunology from Tel Aviv University (Israel) and a PhD in Biochemistry from McGill University (Montreal, Canada). Prior to joining THB, David completed 7 years of postdoctoral studies in Oncology successively at Yale University (New Haven, CT) and Georgetown University (Washington, DC). Supported by the National Cancer Institute and done in collaboration with the large pharmaceutical companies, his research at Yale Cancer Center concentrated on the discovery of synergistically effective regimens combining new targeted drugs (BRAF and MEK inhibitors) and radiation therapy in melanoma. While training at the Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, David focused on immuno-oncology and studied molecular mechanisms underlying tumor immune escape specifically in pancreatic cancer. David’s scientific research resulted in publication of many peer-reviewed research manuscripts, invited review articles, and book chapters.

David’s scientific background in a variety of biomedical disciplines including immunology, biochemistry, pharmacology, genetics, and molecular oncology allows him to understand at depth and troubleshoot issues faced by our customers in the lab in the context of biospecimen-based assays.

At THB, as a multilingual individual with outstanding interpersonal relationships, David, on a daily basis, reminds all the staff that the CRO business is also about customer relationships and service culture.


Regulatory Affairs Specialist

World class biospecimen compliance expert Dr. Ann Cooreman joined THB’s multi-national team in January 2017. She is responsible for overseeing regulatory, ethical, and quality assurance issues and will also be instrumental in the development of THB’s European branch, partnering with key clients and biorepositories.

Ann holds an MA from Antwerp University (Antwerp, Belgium), and a PhD from the University of Oregon (Eugene, OR). Following on from various postdoctoral fellowships, she started her career in the Biobank field as a Project Manager for Scottish Biomedical with the primary responsibility of setting up a Tissue Bank. Afterwards Ann co-founded and led Tissue Solutions Ltd (Glasgow, UK) where she had a variety of corporate, business development, and operational responsibilities and developed this company into a top 3 service provider in Europe. While there, she supervised hundreds of projects for high profile clients, establishing privileged relationships with the most prestigious academic clinical sites and biobanks. Her company was the first biospecimen procurement service company to obtain the ISO 9001 certification. When she sold her interests in the company in 2015, Ann became an independent consultant in ethics and regulatory affairs advising a number of academic and commercial entities or regulatory bodies.

Ann is a solution-driven individual who does not make compliance to local and international guidelines a barrier to business but a signal to donors and caregivers of our deep respect for them and a process to enable the development of trust among partners.

Ann shares with the THB team the deeply-held conviction that tissue procurement is not a commodity business but a research activity.